Sync Android Apps from your phone to BlueStacks using Cloud Connect

Google is spreading its legs on the technology front. They are just not limiting themselves with email and search engines only. They too are joining the cloud computing band wagon. Cloud computing is the latest technology that every organization is adopting.

Google Cloud is the new way to share data among multiple users situated at various location. They are not limited by any geographical boundaries. All the data and files are not stored on local machine of any individual. It is stored on the clouds. By clouds, we mean the hosted server where all can get access and edit, modify and share the files. This technology is very popular among the organization as it saves the company a lot in terms of costly software applications. Google connect is getting popular with every passing day.

Another application that is getting recognition is Cloud Connect. It is associated with BlueStacks and is responsible for making user run their favorite android application on windows pc. A user with actual android device can download the BlueStacks software package and sync with the device and the pc. With one single push on the device can transfer the android application and its data to pc with the help of BlueStacks Cloud Connect . It is so popular that the company has stated that over 550 thousand free downloads were registered in first 60 days of the alpha launch. The company is financially supported by AMD and Citrix and is investing a huge sum of money for the pro version of the android on pc software to make premium version of android application run on windows. However, android on Mac is still in the development stage.

Google connect and cloud connect are two most search phrased and is very much in use for the generation of this age. More and more people are shifting from the standard stand alone version of application to the cloud version of the software computing. The cloud computing technology is sure to grow big in the future. Researchers and analysts assume the market for Google connects and cloud connects to be in big numbers. Any company offering these services has a bright prospect.

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