Bluestacks: Android Apps for Windows & Mac.

Free Android Fun on pc.


Blue Stacks is currently the best way to run Android apps on Windows. It doesn’t replace your complete operating system. Instead, it runs Android apps in a window on your Windows desktop. This allows to use Android apps just like any other program. Blue Stacks also includes support for easy installation of apps from Google Play, so the process is as seamless as possible. Even better, Blue Stacks runs Android apps and games with surprisingly good performance. First up is the Blue Stacks App Player which it’s free from


Android Games for Windows.


Blue Stacks acts just like another software which is easy to install. Once you install it, you can run Blue Stacks into a separate window at your Windows desktop. The environment is very similar to that of Android. It allows to connect with Google Play store and install the apps and games at you emulator. If you grab the APK file from your friends device or download it from somewhere else, you can still install that game at your computer using Blue Stacks. Thus, you can install and play any android game at your Windows computer. This way you can also run Whats App on a PC, Angry bird, Temple Run, Facebook, Twitter & many more


Android Apps for Windows.


BlueStacks App Player is a small application through which I can emulate Android operating system on a Windows operating system without any complications:I only have to install the application and I will be mirroring all kinds of apps in seconds.To start using the program, it will ask if I have an Android phone. If so,I can associate with the program and synchronize all applications and account data. If however,i do not have an Android phone, it does not matter, because i can download apps and use them anyway.To download apps i just write the name of the app i am looking for and click download. In seconds i am ready to run the app on computer. Of course, i can do all this with the cursor of mouse that will act as finger and i can, for example, play Angry Birds or any other free Google Play title.


 Android Games on Mac.


The BlueStacks tool for Mac enables to play games for Android on computer in full screen mode, with access to the Google Play Store and the thousands of applications that come with it.The most powerful and popular Android emulator that runs applications downloaded from Google Play on Mac OS. BlueStacks is a so-called app player allowing to access the whole library of Android apps and games on a desktop computer.The program has a user-friendly interface comes absolutely free of charge. After installing it,I am ready to search and install any Android application.


Android Apps on Mac.


The BlueStacks tool for Mac enables to play apps for Android on computer in full screen.

Android apps are very popular such as whats app, facebook, twitter, themer.

The most powerful and popular Android emulator that runs applications downloaded from Google Play on Mac OS. BlueStacks is a so-called app player allowing you to access the whole library of Android apps and games on a desktop computer.

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BlueStacks Reviews – Easy Download & Install Tips

Bluestacks is a Silicon Valley-based mobile company that produces Bluestacks App Player and GamePop. Both products are designed to enable Android applications to run on Windows PCs, Macintosh computers and TVs. The company was founded in 2009 by Rosen Sharma, former CTO at McAfee and a board member of The company was officially launched on May 25, 2011, at the Citrix Synergy conference in San Francisco. Bluestacks is Sharma’s 8th company, with five acquisitions by Google, Microsoft, Citrix X 2 and McAfee.


Bluestacks App Player is a downloadable piece of Windows and Mac software that virtualizes the full Android experience. The software is free. On June 27, 2012, the company released an alpha-1 version of its App Player software for Mac OS while the beta version was released on Dec 27, 2012. According to company sources it can run over 750,000 Android apps on Mac & windows. It reached the 10 million download mark in May, 2013

Bluestacks is one of the Android Emulators which helps to run Android Apps on Pc and is available free of cost. Anybody can just download it from their official site and then install it on Pc.


  •  Installation of Android apps onto PC is a very easy task. Easy breeze like interface takes you through effortlessly.
  •  The easy installation process with the addition of an Android app player makes it very simple and easy to install the apps.
  • It is free! Yes Bluestacks is absolutely free with no other extra charges to be levied.
  •  Users can also side load apps from not only Android but also through various other apps stores all over creating a great flexibility and the ability to reduce app costs and importantly some paid apps can also be installed for free with using this app.


Step 1: Download the Bluestacks app from its official website. This app is available in the official website for free and can be clicked on to download. Now install the app by following the necessary instructions, please do accept the terms and conditions column.

Step 2: Now open the app and the homepage of the BlueStacks. Now on the top of the menu bar see the tabs “My Apps” click on it and select “Set up Sync”. The user will be now prompted to log in to his existing Google account by providing Email ID and Password.

Step 3: Now after providing the Email and Password the app starts syncing with the app store in order to set up all the apps related to the Email ID. This will bring all the apps installed by the user through the Google Play store. Now download as many as apps and sync up with the PC app without any hassles. BlueStacks plays an important role in taking the Android apps to the next level by providing it great use ability and exciting features in the Android world.


BlueStacks App Player lets you run your favorite mobile apps fast and fullscreen in your browser and on PC or Mac.

  • whats app
  • Temple run
  • clash of clans
  • Deer hunter
  • Angry Birds Star Wars
  • Flipboard
  • Zynga Poker

The extremely simple 17 popular Android apps that can be run independently and without the need for running Android ICsin a virtual machine, removing the often clunky virtualized Android OS experience and instead launching directly into the apps.


As the usage of android applications and Android games is increasing day by day, BlueStacks became very popular in making these Android games and Applications compatible for Windows and Mac PC’s.


This software is already tested by more than 10 million users and has very positive feedback from users. Users feel quite comfortable in installing and running mobile apps on their PC using Bluestacks on Windows XP, 7, 8 and MAC computers.

People in more than 100 countries who are using BlueStacks to run apps like Angry Birds Star Wars, Flipboard, Zynga Poker and Instagram full screen.

The company has already lined up some relatively large iOS and Android developers to support its console, including Subatomic studios (the maker of the iOS hit Fieldrunners) Glu, Halfbrick, Jawfish Games, and Gameloft. Altogether, the company is promising that a collection of 500 of the top mobile games across Android and iOS will be playable on its console, as long as you’re willing to pay $6.99 a month. GamePop is taking a “Netflix for games” approach.

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Words with friends is now available on pc

Android addicts will not believe if anyone tells them that they can play Words with Friends on PC. However, one really can. Zynga which was rumored to link Words with Friends to Facebook has released the version of late. One can also get the game on their personal computers. It is all that simple. All one has to do is to download and install the Android SDK software and thus an Android Emulator. After that player can download, install and run the Words with Friends .apk file. One is then requested to login with his credentials or make a fresh account. Play Words with Friends for pc. One can now play Words with Friends on Mac as well. Thus the game which you so dedicatedly played with your grandma earlier, you can now play the same with her over your pc or laptop in full screens.

Tiny Wings for PC  is humblest game built which controls a tiny bird. However, it goes without saying that you will get addicted to playing this game the 1 st time you play it. The bird has been successful in charming the game lovers and it is making the successful angry birds a run for their money. In the game, the player has to control a cute tiny bird and its aim is to make them learn to fly. It is very hard because the wings of the birds are very tiny! Tiny Wings for pc became available early in 2012 as a beta version. Now users all over the world can play millions of Android games on Windows free! The game requires attentive effort. The game is now available on Android and iOS as well. Earlier it could not have been played without having an android device. Nevertheless, the BlueStacks App Player makes it possible to enjoy the game on the full screen of your PC. BlueStacks App Player is a free download available online. BlueStacks App Player, the transitional database makes the android apps and games on personal computers, laptops and tablets. Once the App Player is downloaded and installed, an android world will be created on the pc. Unbelievable but true. This app player allows one to run any of the android applications without any device.

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Pc games’ software developed for gamers by BlueStack

Pc games are very much popular for the reason that many games are available online. Games can be played online without purchasing them and some interesting games can be downloaded if one is interested to do so. For this sole reason, BlueStacks, a software developing company has being developing softwares for gamers so that they can always play their favorite games online or download and play on their pc.

Games like those that Alchemy which were android games has been brought to the world of pc for the convenience of the people interested. Yes now Alchemy on pc is available for those who have no android phones. Now they can even enjoy the game and that to on a larger screen.

They have even made Shazam for pc available for their users. The whole experience is renewed with the excitement of the big screen entertainment. Even some android phone users like to play Alchemy on pc and many try to get Shazam for pc so that when they are at home, they can enjoy their games on a screen with clarity.

BlueStacks with their advanced thought has made this possible by working day in and day out on developing softwares for games, famous games that are in demand and many wish to play it on their pc instead of on their handsets. The whole experience has been refreshed by BlueStacks as they have worked hard to give a good resolution of the games like Alchemy and Shazam as these are full time entertainment games and one can never get over it completely. BlueStacks is working on getting more puzzling games like Alchemy for their users and other android applications which can fill the users with excitement about the new pc applications available now which were earlier available only on android handsets. Thus they bring for their users a huge range of games like Shazam, Alchemy, Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, Cut the Rope and many more which has made the users ask for more and more with the gaining popularity of BlueStacks. Gaming is now all fun and large with a company like BlueStacks working on it.

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Free android games for pc

The game Drag racing is about flashy modified cars. Not like any other racing game, it brings the brashness and adrenaline bursting races on wild freeways. Here one has the option to customize and expand the chosen car and the aim is to cross the finishing line before anyone else. Users can choose their vehicles anything from a Honda Civic to the Lamborghini. Players can enhance wings their car and give it a paint job. One can improve his ride in diverse ways like turbo, engine and suspension. The problematic portion is accelerating appropriately at the game start. A little timing-difference might lead giving your car a jam. It might provide the other racers with sufficient time for the victory.

The game Fruit Ninja requires the players to swipe their android device’s screen to slash and spatter delicious fruits similar to a real ninja warrior. Be cautious of bombs as they can explode with one touch and is enough to put an end to the juicy quest! Fruit Ninja features Classic, Zen and the amazing new Arcade mode! If a player successfully completes the game, the all-time sage ninja Sensei will accompany him on his journey with intelligent words and fruit facts.

Now you can play drag racing on pc. All you have to do is download the BlueStacks software free and experience the amazing racing experience on pc, laptops and tablets. Also available are other games like angry birds and fruit ninja on pc and many more. All thanks to this Californian company BlueStacks because the mere download of software can give access to numerous games. In addition, experience the Android games with full screen and unmatched sound effects. Moreover, players can push apps from their android phones to the downloaded BlueStacks software using its mobile app called cloud connects.

However, Drag Racing on pc with older versions of windows and some net books may not work up to the mark. The same applies for the Fruit Ninja on pc. However, limited graphics on both these games might lead to boredom in both there is a lack of challenges.

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Cut the Rope and Doodle Jump for pc

Gaming is fun and when gaming is on pc, it is an added fun. Yes, gaming can be a lot more fun on pc than a phone as the screen is larger, so the experience is greater too. BlueStack is a software company developing games and fun applications for the pc and they have even developed famous games for pc.

However, long before that Doodle Jump game was released which gained popularity and was sold at a good rate for the initial four months and is still an appreciated game. Therefore, with their effort they have made the experience of the game better with their Doodle Jump online option. It is a cute and fun game loved by youngsters. Making it available online for them has made their doodle experience a joyous ride. Cut the Rope for pc has also been developed by them. It is a puzzle game based on physics launched in the year 2010.

Online gaming is fun as the youth of today are always online doing something or the other and in these circumstances when they get their favorite stress buster games on pc and online then their work becomes easier. BlueStack got the interesting puzzle game Cut the Rope for pc for its users to crack their minds while they take a break from their studies and work as online games do help and sometimes are a real stress buster.

The availability of the popular game ‘ Doodle Jump’ online has made the gamers stick to the game longer as it is a cute and interesting game to play on the pc with doodler the main character. Both the game’s software has been developed by BlueStack so that they can give their visitors and users a higher range of options to choose from while downloading their desired games. Games are an addiction at times and if they are games like Doodle Jump and Cut the Rope then the addiction is not a bad once since the experience is pleasant and BlueStacks develops software of popular games to give its users the best.

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Is Android apps for windows reality?

Android is undoubtedly the lead runner in the world of smart phones. IPhone, Blackberry, Windows and Symbian smart phones are in no way up to the android’s standard when compared with one. To an android addict, the idea of viewing the android world on pc, laptop etc. would sound unbelievable at first. However, BlueStacks, the Californian Company has made it all possible for android addicts and for those who desire to experience once. Now it is not that impossible to download your favorite applications on pc’s and laptops. Imagine your favorite apps on large screens with improvised sound and picture effects which will enhance your android experience. The applications which used to keep you glued to your smart phone is now all available online i.e. as the apps for windows and all you need to do is download the application, install and run it. There were approximately 600 thousand downloads for the particular run android for pc software in the 1 st year itself. Moreover, since then, there has been no looking back.

A few steps need to be followed to run android for pc. The software needs to be first downloaded on the android. Once the downloading and the installation are complete, the user is required to take a backup of the downloaded software on the android device itself. The user also requires installing the BlueStacks application on pc for example. The backup files are hereby then transported to the pc and then imported in the application environment.

However not all apps that is available on the Google play store can be downloaded for the windows use. This is because some of the android applications require the GPS feature and the others require information from your mobile. However, the major drawback is that the BlueStacks designed apps for windows are still of the Beta version. Where these apps are not up to the mark yet, it has definitely raised the expectations of android users all over the world who are now waiting for the paid versions and pro version of these apps to come up with eager eyes.

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The Angry Birds pc version is a small gift from BlueStacks

Angry birds has gained enough popularity and the popularity is still growing and in this kind of a scenario, all are demanding to get this on the pc as the whole experience could feel great and live. Keeping this in mind, many software companies are trying out ways to get it designed for the pc. People, actually the gamers would love to play the game on a larger screen for a clear and better experience as for game lovers, the android phone is not always a very good option so getting it on pc was really important to get the gamers glued to it for a longer duration trying to beat the scores of others.

The Angry Birds pc version is surely a treat for all gamers given by BlueStacks, a software developing company. It has well understood the excitement of the gamers towards the Angry Birds game and so they decided to develop the pc version for all Angry Birds lovers. So the good news surely is that now, one can play Angry Birds on pc .

This is exactly what BlueStacks has done keeping the demand for the game in mind, especially for those, who do not have an android handset. The game does not need any introduction now since almost everyone knows about it and many want to play it but the android market sadly does not allow but this initiative and idea by BlueStacks has made this possible that has made Angry Birds pc version possible for those who are eagerly waiting to play Angry Birds on pc.

The whole game is interesting and cute so BlueStacks has surely made it evident that they know what the youth demand for and are capable to meet their demands. Now the gamers can play their way into the game without straining their eyes for too long on the small phone screen, they can see a larger version which will make it a new experience for all existing as well as new gamers especially those who are mostly working online.

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Playing Angry Birds gets challenging every time

The game needs no introduction whatsoever. If you are an android user then there is a very little chance that you have not got addicted to this awesome game yet. In addition, those who are non-android users keep wishing that they possessed an android. The non-android users keep going back to using the Angry Birds pc game. Developed by Rovio mobile in 2010, it has only managed to get more popular ever since. The year 2010 also marked the gigantic demand for the game, since a new plot called Angry Birds Rio was brought into play. The popular birds are trapped, caged and transported to the city Rio de Janeiro and thus the name. They are full of vengeance and who other than the waste pigs will bear it? The year 2012 marked the arrival of a new version of the game called Angry Birds Space which marked a record download of 10 million plus in a mere 72 hours. The game is all about the birds flying through space using earth’s gravity with some new birds and supernatural powers.

BlueStacks have taken the up the challenge of making the angry birds pc game . Even though a beta version has been brought into play but still BlueStacks, have once again done the task by making the Angry Birds pc free by the early 2012. The game which was once designed only for android users is now available for personal computers, laptops and tablets. It is compatible with any operating system be it OS X for Mac or Apple’s iPhone. For angry birds, there is no looking back. Newer versions of the game are designed almost every day to keep the interest going. It is very difficult for a teenager to actually stay away from the madness of such birds. All thanks to BlueStacks that user are now experiencing the game on a large screen and with additional sound features just with a simple download and installation of the Angry Birds pc free game . However, trusted sites should be used to download the same for the safety of your device.

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Angry Birds is the popular game of the present generation

Angry Birds is a game which has gained popularity in a very short span of time. In fact, within just three days of its release, it was the talk for all gamers who competed with each other on their android compatible phones, trying to beat the scores of their near and dear ones. It is cute but even men like to have the pleasure of playing it once at least. The bad news that has been around so long is that the game was available on android compatible phones only. Other OS users were devoid of enjoying the fun.

Now comes the real good news for those who have made a sad face due to not having a compatible handset, for them, Angry Birds for pc can surely get that smile back. Yes, Angry Birds is now available for pc too. So no more worries about the fact that one does not have an android handset. The game has been brought for pc just to get all the gamers into the Angry Birds addiction, a cute addiction and to get the gamers in, BlueStacks has done a great job. They have developed the software so that the game can be enjoyed on a larger and higher resolution screen making the whole experience a live one with their effort of bringing Angry Birds for pc .

The good news is also that if one cannot download the game then the option of Angry Birds game online is also available. Now does that not sound cool? Yes, of course, it does as BlueStacks, a software designing has worked marvelously to get the game for pc and got the Angry Birds game online for all game lovers and who are crazy after the Angry Birds.

The android compatible phones and the Angry Birds game association was the talk of the town before, now the pc Angry Birds will add a whole new topic for the gamers to talk about and the scores are going to be beaten while they enjoy the experience of this most talked about game.

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